About Us

Consisting of resources with recognized experience in the areas of management consulting in the health sector, since its inception, it counted on the participation in its social structure of investors with extensive experience in providing equipment and solutions in this sector.

Throughout its existence, it has worked with practically all health institutions in the country (Central Government, Regional Health Administrations, Public and Private Hospitals, Health Centers, Institutes, etc.). BIQ Health Solutions currently has in its client portfolio all the hospitals in the country, including the islands, with a full coverage of the confirmation of its know-how at national level. BIQ Health Solutions aims to be a Top of Mind company in providing cost reduction and patient safety solutions in the healthcare industry to distributors, partners and end customers worldwide.

BIQ Health Solutions’ mission is to support its Distributors, Partners and End Customers in the commercialization and implementation of their solutions, using the best practices in order to achieve the highest possible gain for all Stakeholders in terms of Quality, Safety and Reduction. Costs in the health industry.

Our Buiness Statement: Improving Quality Safety and Cost of Healthcare

BIQ is governed by the following values:

  • Seriousness and Professional Ethics;
  • Focus on project objectives to implement;
  • Multidisciplinary Team Approach;
  • Customer’s business-oriented project plans;
  • Long term relationships


Key Recognitions:

BIQ Health Solutions has been an ISO 9001 certified company since 2000 and has continuously extended its certification scope.

Currently, its scope encompasses: “Service delivery, development and implementation of process improvement, patient safety and cost control solutions, healthcare equipment and consumables”.


It has the following acknowledgments:
  • Accredited by INOFOR / IQF / DGERT since 27 March 2000;
  • SME Leader in 2010; SME Excellence in 2011; SME Leader in 2012;
  • SME Leader in 2013; SME Leader in 2015;
  • SME Leader in 2016;
  • SME Excellence 2017;
  • Santa Maria Hospital Logistic Model – 1st Prize for Good Practice for the Public Sector;
  • Logistic Model of Barreiro Montijo Hospital Center – Hospital do Futuro Quality and Certification Award;
  • Operating Room Costing Model – Recognition by the Court of Auditors.


Quality policy:

BIQ HS practices are based on principles that are geared towards building collaborative relationships with its stakeholders, enabling the achievement of mutually beneficial objectives, with the following guidelines: In approaching its End Customers, BIQ HS will focus on a flexible approach to their forms of intervention using the best project management tools as a way of differentiation.

In its approach to Distributors, BIQ HS will focus on their continuous training in order to homogenize their business and implementation practices. In the Partner approach, a commitment to risk sharing, making the solutions developed integrate with the existing reality in order to add value. These are the main lines of Management’s involvement, the qualification of its internal resources, the technological update, and the association and consortium policies with other national or foreign entities, in order to enhance the satisfaction of its customers, partners and partners. distributors and the prestige of BIQ HS. BIQ HS Management also establishes, as an essential condition for success, the adoption of a continuous improvement approach to its processes spread throughout the organization.


BIQ Health Solutions in the World

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