Mobile APP Platform

MAPP is a Mobile Application Platform that combines all nursing activities into a single handheld
device, not only providing increased mobility and productivity but reassuring Patient Safety through Barcode Scanning.


Medication Administration arrow-down

  • Bedside scanning solution designed to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration

Nursing Activities arrow-down

  • Record and assign nursing procedures performed at the bedside and to every patient.

Blood Transfusion arrow-down

  • Ensures safe transfusion by identifying the patient and the blood components to be administered.

Breast Milk Tracking arrow-down

  • Designed to ensure babies and newborns safety through the traceability of the feeding cycle;
  • Allows that the right milk is being fed to the right baby at the right time.

Specimen Collection arrow-down

  • Ensures end-to-end sample traceability.
  • Designed to enable samples to be precisely identified for laboratory analysis, guaranteeing the patient safety through the readable information on the barcode labels

Ward Stock Management arrow-down

  • Manage your ward level stock through the use of barcode scanning



  • Single device for multiple tasks;
  • Reduces time for nursing records;
  • Streamlines and accelerates nursing activities;
  • Eliminates duplicate records;
  • Ensures traceability and accountability on the clinical process;
  • Increases Patient Safety through Barcode Scanning;
  • Increases nursing time with the patient;
  • Eliminates paper-based records and handwritten notes.


Customer Testimonials

He help a lot in motivation of teams, working together in the same solution.

Is not only a software solution, is also a fundamental partner and member of the hospital to build that solutions for our patients

José Bento Silva - CEO

Hospital dos Lusíadas Porto