Right Sample, Right Patient, Safe Transfusion

The Btrac® System ensures traceability, safety, positive confirmation and monitoring of blood component administration by ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements, guidelines and best practices.

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  • Blood Component Prescription;
  • Label printing at bedside;
  • Closed loop between labels and the patient wristband.
  • Sample Collection

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  • Sample Check-in;
  • Blood component assignment to patient;
  • Blood component expedition;

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  • Blood component delivery to the ward;
  • Closed loop on the blood component and the patient wristband;
  • Near miss alerts;
  • Transfusion monitoring in real time;
  • Potential adverse reaction alerts.



Safer process
  • Positive patient identification through wristband scanning;
  • Safe blood sample collection for pre-transfusion tests;
  • Safe blood component administration procedures – right blood to the right patient;
  • Near miss and potential adverse reactions alerts;
  • Real time information dashboard for every step of the process for the Blood Bank.
  • Avoids unnecessary sample collection for pre-transfusion tests;
  • Reduces double checks and validations, which require high intake of time and resources;
  • Focused on process dematerialization;
  • Transfusion record integration in real time, for efficient clinical decisions.
  • Real time dashboard with orders, collected samples, sent, received and administered components
  • Full traceability of users, date and time at which the activities were performed;
  • Haemovigilance compliance and blood component fate traceability.


DR Félix Sapinho Monteiro

Customer Testimonials

After one year of Btrac being implemented at hospital de Cascais, we recognise there are two main advantages.
Blood circuit tracking in real time and overall transfusion report with all details.

Dr. Félix Sapinho Monteiro - Blood Bank Director

Cascais Hospital

Carmen Gaudêncio

Customer Testimonials

Btrac ensures the collection of the right samples from the right patients, using hospital identification wristband.
The match between the patients, the sample and the blood unit.
And finally, the records of the vital signs during the process.

Carmen Gaudêncio - Head Nurse

Cascais Hospital