Nursing observations in your hand!

App developed to support and improve the process of nursing records, using a portable device.

It allows nurses to record all performed activities,  such as patient assessment levels, analysis of parameter records, vital signs, etc.

These actions are carried out at patient bedside, thus guaranteeing greater proximity and patient confidence, while at the same time providing real time updates on their the clinical process.

1 - Login arrow-down

  • Nurses log into the application by scanning their own badge which contains a unique barcode with their credentials.

2 - Patients and plans arrow-down

  • When accessing CareTrac®, nurses are shown their patients and their respective daily plans, which are directly received from the Electronic Patient Record.

3 - Patient Scan arrow-down

  • Upon receiving this schedule, nurses scan the patient wristband, which uniquely identifies them
  • Insert records that can range between simple confirmations and vital signs to complex formularies
  • These are used to assess the patient’s risk level, providing immediate feedback on the their condition

4 - Vital Signs arrow-down

  • CareTrac® can also receive Vital Signs directly from monitoring equipment instead of these being manually inserted.
  • It allows to consult previous records on the mobile device as well.




  • Complete and Updated Patient Records in your pocket

  • Freedom from computers or carts

  • Creating nurse records right at the patient’s bedside

  • Electronic confirmation the right is being delivered to the right patient
  • Records being taken at bedside ensure these are filled in correctly
  • Automatically generated warning scores that provide information on the patient’s condition
More time for Patient care
  • Less time spent in non-patient tasks


Customer Testimonials

“With this new system, nursing staff essentially benefits from having more time by the patient.

Nurses are no longer away from the patients and spend their time with them inside patient rooms.

This gives a higher safety sensation to the patient because he feels more proximity from those that take care of him.”

Dulce Gonçalves - Head Nurse

Cascais Hospital