How much waste can you afford ?

Ekanban is a logistic system based on barcoding and mobile software that ensures full real-time visibility of your stock in every storage area in the hospital.

Receiving goods arrow-down

  • Scan supplier barcode to immediately check and receive incoming products;
  • ERP integration allows purchase orders to display on mobile for immediate analysis;
  • Supplier barcode algorithm – recognizes GS1 or non-GS1 barcodes.

Stock replenishment arrow-down

  • Receive picking lists directly on your handheld device through Wi-Fi coverage;
  • Follow optimal route through the warehouse and scan barcodes to check and confirm items;
  • Transfer stock from warehouse to any clinical department with one button in a completely paper-free process.

Clinical storage arrow-down

  • Scan product barcodes when taking them from stock;
  • Automatic stock updates with no need to count or order any item to the Pharmacy or warehouse;
  • Track batch numbers and expiration dates using internal or supplier barcodes.

Patient bedside arrow-down

  • Assign products to the patient by scanning patient wristband and product;
  • Automatically update patient clinical record, virtual invoice and stock update with one scan;
  • Supply chain visibility up to the patient administration with complete user identification.




  • Real-Time stock information in every storage area
  • Full mobile solution connected with hospital ERP
  • 3x faster logistic processes
  • No manual ordering or counting of any sort
  • Staff workload reduced up to 30%
  • Item consumption reduced up to 10%


  • Full GS1 compliance
  • Batch number and expiration date control
  • Tracking of all logistic movements


  • Real-Time stock information in every storage area
  • Identification of bottlenecks and inefficient workflow areas
  • Mobile and desktop statistics presented to users in real-time
Andrea Mesina

Customer Testimonials

Is a real time monitoring, very useful to understand and see the socks in wards.
This is allowing us to improve the process and saving time to nurses managing materials in wards.
The process is faster and more efficient.

Andrea Mesina - Kronosan CEO


Lorenza Pagani

Customer Testimonials

Ekanban make my work easier because all the items i have to use for the patients are in the same place.
The storage is one. I know were the items are and this make my job easier and faster.

Lorenza Pagani - OR Nurse

Maria Cecilia Hospital