Print patient identification wristbands easily

Eklabel is a simple and intuitive software developed by BIQ HS that enables the printing of patient identification wristbands.

This program allows the creation of print layouts with all the information the customer finds necessary.

Patient Database arrow-down

  • With Eklabel ® you will create your own database when printing bracelets. All patient data will be recorded for future use and can be exported to other formats.

Efficiency arrow-down

  • With Eklabel ® you can add new patients or search from previous prints and print a new bracelet in seconds.

Compatibility arrow-down

  • The Eklabel ® enables bar code wristbands to print compatible with all international formats and content.

Adaptability arrow-down

  • Electronic Label ® can choose how to use the program. Add new Printers, layouts, barcode types and content and be automatically available for use.




No integration required
  • The System is designed to operate independently of other systems or to be easily integrated with any Hospital Information System (HIS).


Complete Patient Identification Solution
  • In addition to the program, we can provide you with bracelets for adult, child or pediatric patients with a full range of options.


Complete Solution for Patient Safety
  • With PharmaTRAC ® nurses read the patient’s bracelet and medication to ensure that the patient receives the right medication, the right dosage, the right way, at the right time.