How much waste can you afford?

EKOR® or Ekanban® Operating Room is a software that allows you to record all consumptions directly inside the operating rooms, using touch screens and associating items to the patient.

Planning and Scheduling arrow-down

  • Surgery planning for several operating rooms.

Management arrow-down

  • Medical Staff Management.

Parameterization arrow-down

  • Parameterization of procedures and specialties.

Kits management arrow-down

  • Management and parameterization of cirurgical kits and procedures association, to improve the efficiency of consumption registration.

Construction and maintenance arrow-down

  • Construction and maintenance of the Clinical Search Universe tree.

Validation arrow-down

  • Validation of completed surgery and associated consumption records.

Consumption Listings arrow-down

  • Consumption lists, by various universes.

Statistical Reports arrow-down

  • Statistical reports that allow to measure, globally or by specialty:
    • Room occupancy rate;
    • Average Number of cirurgical procedures;
    • Average cost of cirurgical procedures.




  • Efficiency in the management of human resources allocated to the operating theater.
  • Reliability of information on the cost per surgical act and its imputation to the patient..
  • Optimization of cirurgical rooms.
Consumption Reduction
  • Reduction of consumption by greater control.


Andrea Mesina

Customer Testimonials

We selected BIQ for business strategic projector because their vertical experience in healthcare sector , especially in logistics.
Second point is the consulting approach. The ability to follow the client, understand is needs and developing according successful projects.
This is the two reasons we develop partnership with BIQ.

Andrea Mesina - CEO


Enrico Acquaviva

Customer Testimonials

BIQ enter with a random system, but i felt the development of the system.
It was delivered by us and propose in active way from BIQ consulter.
I appreciated so much their contribute to find good solutions.

Enrico Acquaviva - Project Director