For safer Samples!

Labtrac allows precise sample identification for laboratory analysis ensuring a high degree of sample efficiency and traceability, with always legible information on the identification and use label and 2D codes.

Identification arrow-down

  • Printing patient’s identification wristband.

Blood colection arrow-down

  • Scan patient’s wristband;
  • Sample type choice;
  • Printing patient information label, bar code, type of sample / product collected, person responsible for collection, date and time.

Reception arrow-down

  • Confirmation that the collection conforms to the prescription.

Replicas arrow-down

  • Possibility of creating replicas from sample identification.

Blood collections arrow-down

  • Blood samples taken;
  • Replicas created;
  • Process status;
  • Safe identification of laboratory samples.



  • It allows the identification of samples in real time, automatically and with always readable information.;
  • Ensures that the sample belongs to the correct patient;
  • It allows identifying who made each capture and on what data;
  • Reduces the risk of human error.
  • Samples can be traced from capture to storage;
  • All steps in the process are logged.
  • Can work as stand-alone, or can be integrated with patient management systems.
User friendly
  • Simple and intuitive user interface.