Safe administration of breast milk

With MilkTrac®, it is possible to monitor the whole process from the collection of breast milk to its administration, thus guaranteeing safety in every step.

1 - Identification arrow-down

  • Mother wristband scanning to identify the mother
  • Printing of collection labels to identify the baby

2 - Collection arrow-down

  • Scan the mothers’ wristband
  • Print barcode labels to identify the milk container

3 - Storage arrow-down

  • Reading the code of the main container;
  • Reading the localization code.

4 - Preparation arrow-down

  • Prepare milk feeds based on the medical prescription.
  • Print identification labels for each milk batch.

5 - Feeding arrow-down

  • Reading the baby’s wristband;
  • Reading the container code;
  • Positive confirmation: donor – receiver – shelf life.

6 - Records arrow-down

  • Collections made;
  • Collections in stock;
  • Locations;
  • Traceability of breast milk;
  • Feeding – Administration
  • Near misses;
  • Management of shelf-life times.



  • Identification in real time, preventing errors in milk administration;
  • It prevents expired breast milk from being administered.
  • Allows to trace breast milk from its collection to its administration
  • Stock and record management
  • It will be possible to trace the components from collection to feeding;
  • All stages in the process will be registered;
  • Control of Stock and management of records.
Near miss records
  • Should there be a near miss alert, a record will be kept so it can be used to improve the process.
Wastage reduction
  • It enables better management of stocks and volumes;
  • Management of shelf lives using notification alerts.
Integrated process
  • It can be used as a standalone application, or it can be integrated within the patient management system.
  • Simple interface and intuitive use;
  • User-friendly application.


Vasco Pereira

Customer Testimonials

MilkTrac@ is our tool to ensure that we administer the right milk to the right baby
We ensure the mother and the baby are connected in a closed loop

Vasco Pereira - CEO

Cascais Hospital