Safe administration of breast milk

With Milktrac, it is possible to monitor the whole process from the collection of breast milk
to feeding, thus guaranteeing safety at each stage of the process.

Identification arrow-down

  • Wristband printing to identify the mother;
  • Wristband printing to identify the baby.

Collection arrow-down

  • Reading of the donor’s wrist band (related or non-related);
  • Label printing with barcodes to identify milk containers.

Storage arrow-down

  • Reading the code of the main container;
  • Reading the localization code.

Preparation arrow-down

Printing copies of labels to identify the container which will be used to feed the baby.

Feeding arrow-down

  • Reading the baby’s wristband;
  • Reading the container code;
  • Positive confirmation: donor – receiver – shelf life.

Records arrow-down

  • Collections made;
  • Collections in stock;
  • Locations;
  • Traceability of donated milk;
  • Feeding;
  • Near misses;
  • Management of shelf-life times.



  • Identification in real time, avoiding errors in feeding;
  • It prevents misallocation of breast milk;
  • It reduces the risk of human error;
  • It prevents out-of-date breast milk from being fed.
  • It will be possible to trace the components from collection to feeding;
  • All stages in the process will be registered;
  • Control of Stock and management of records.
Record of near misses
  • In the event of an error, a record will be kept and used to improve the process.
Reduction in wastage
  • It enables better management of stocks and volumes;
  • Management of shelf life times by notification alerts.
Integrated process
  • It can be used as a standalone application, or it can be integrated within the patient management system.
  • Simple interface and intuitive use;
  • User-friendly application.


Vasco Pereira

Customer Testimonials

The MilkTrac is our tool to ensure that we administer the right milk to the right baby.
We ensure the mother and the baby is connected in a closed loop

Vasco Pereira - CEO

Cascais Hospital