How much risk can you afford?

PharmaTrac® is a BPOC – barcode-point-of-care solution designed
to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration.


1. Prescription arrow-down

  • Integration with pre-existent electronic prescription software.

2. Medication labeling arrow-down

  • 2D codes are created in the Pharmacy with medication, dosage, lot, expiration date and supplier information;
  • 2D codes are placed in every primary unit that leaves the Pharmacy to clinical departments.

3. Scanning the patiente wristband arrow-down

  • Nurses login with their ID badge
  • Identify patients by scanning their wristband
  • Identify prescription and medication prescribed for the patients.

4. Reading scanning each medication arrow-down

  • Identification of the medication, concentration, lot number and expiration date.

5. Matching arrow-down

  • Confirm the administration on the handheld device. PharmaTrac® alerts when:
    • The patient is not correct;
    • The medication does not match the prescription;
    • The expiration date is not valid;
    • The dosage is not correct;
    • The administration route method does not match prescription;
    • The batch has been marked for recall;
  • When the prescribed medication in not administered the system requires a justification.




Bedside Validation
  • Significantly reduces administration errors by matchingthe patient with the prescribed medication
  • Tracks medication from Pharmacy to Patient;
  • Tracks of medication batches and expiration dates up to the moment of administration.
Record of events
  • Near misses are monitored and errors are avoided.
Prepares patient medication
  • Pharmatrac allows nurses to prepare medication for patients in advance using the handheld device
Ensures the 5 rights
  • Right patient
  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right time
  • Right route
Compliance with the guidelines
  • WHO Compliant ;
  • Joint Comission International (JCI) Compliant;
  • Compliant with EMRAM Level 6 & 7 (HIMSS) and other accreditation models
Pharmatrac is GS1 compliant
Claudia Borges

Customer Testimonials

Looking at Pharmatrac we have ad manager improvement in safety.

We are now able to make sure that we feel the 5 rights, and manage the close loop medication on time.

Any kind of change in the prescription we can see online in real time, to the Patient bedside.

It was a major improvement.

Claudia Borges - Head Nurse

Hospital Lusíadas Porto