How much risk can you afford?

PharmaTrac® is a BPOC – barcode-point-of-care solution designed
to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration.


1. Prescription arrow-down

  • Integration with pre-existent electronic prescription software.

2. Medication labeling arrow-down

  • 2D codes are created in the Pharmacy with medication, dosage, batch, expiration date and supplier information;
  • 2D codes are placed in every primary unit that leaves the Pharmacy to the clinical departments.

3. Scanning the patient wristband arrow-down

  • Nurses login with their ID badge
  • Identify patients by scanning their wristband
  • Identify the prescribed medication for each patient

4. Scanning each medication arrow-down

  • Identification of the medication, dosage, batch number and expiration date.

5. Matching arrow-down

  • Confirm the administration on the handheld device. PharmaTrac® alerts when:
    • The patient is not correct;
    • The medication does not match the prescription;
    • The expiration date is not valid;
    • The dosage is not correct;
    • The administration route method does not match the prescription;
    • The batch has been marked for recall;
  • When the prescribed medication in not administered the system requires a justification.




Bedside Validation
  • Significantly reduces administration errors by matching the patient with the prescribed medication
Medication Tracking
  • Tracks medication from Pharmacy to Patient allowing to close its loo
  • Tracks medication batches and expiration dates up to the moment of administration.
Event Record
  • Near misses are monitored and errors are avoided.
Patient Medication Preparation
  • Pharmatrac allows nurses to prepare medication for patients in advance using the handheld device
Ensures the 5 rights
  • Right patient
  • Right medication
  • Right dose
  • Right time
  • Right route
Compliance with the guidelines
  • WHO Compliant ;
  • Joint Comission International (JCI) Compliant;
  • Compliant with EMRAM Level 6 & 7 (HIMSS) and other accreditation models
Pharmatrac is GS1 compliant

Customer Testimonials

“Looking at Pharmatrac we have had an improvement in safety.
We can now make sure that we fulfil the 5 rights and achieve the medication closed loop on time.
We can see online, in real time and at patient bedside any changes made to the prescription.
It was a major improvement.”

Claudia Borges - Head Nurse

Hospital Lusíadas Porto