SteriTrace® is a tool to manage and control the sterilization cycles of surgical instruments in a sterilization Unit

SteriTrace® guarantees a protocol of validation, measures and quality in compliance with the standards used by the client


  • Surgical instruments arrive at the decontamination, where they are registered by scanning the QR code which informs the user if there are any handwashing instruments or other options.
  • Upon registration, QR codes are scanned from the rack, the instruments and the washing machine to start the washing.
  • The system records the cycle, the program used and the washing times and validates if issues occurred during the process.

2. STERILIZATION arrow-down

  • Instruments are inspected and recorded for faults, damages or maintenance.
  • In the assembly task for surgical sets it is possible to replace instruments, or change their composition.
  • You can also access historical case information for content validation.
  • During packaging, new QR codes are printed and placed in the box ensuring tracking in the new cycle.

3. STORAGE arrow-down

  • After sterilization, instruments and cases may be shipped immediately or stored.
  • The system identifies the exact storage location, stock date, or shipping destination with alerts for expiration dates of stored items and possibility of returning to a new cycle in the assembly phase.

4. APPLICATION IN OR arrow-down

  • When the Surgical instrument set arrives to the Operation Room, the nurse receives it and associates the Patient ID.
  • In the OR, in case of alert, the notification system allows nurses to report errors in the content of the surgical set. Sterilization will be notified to correct it.
  • At the end of the surgical procedure the nurse validates the used instruments with the original set and automatically informs the Sterilization on what they will receive.




  • The instruments are labeled with QR Codes allowing full traceability from shipment to reception, including use and handling
  • Customers at the time of use have access to SteriTrace® to report any problems related to the surgical instrument or report the end of use, allowing the sterilization unit to know the condition of the surgical instruments box
  • SteriTrace® delivers efficiencies and cost savings through reduced paper usage, analysis of time spent on all tasks, workload predictability and inventory control of surgical instruments