PharmaTrac® and Pneumatic Transport System at CHUCB

09 May, 2022

One of the latest BIQHS Projects, in partnership with Centro Hospitalar Universitário da Cova da Beira (CHUCB), is a very innovative one, that combines PharmaTrac® with a pneumatic tube system, by Sumetzberger, which will allow the transportation of urgent medication from the pharmaceutical services to the clinical services and the validation of medication administration.

It is due to the complementarity of these different systems that the drug circuit will become more efficient and dematerialized, from the pharmacy to the patient, assuring greater safety while allowing more comfort in the work of healthcare professionals, who will be able to focus on the care services needed.

With this implementation, the hospital will benefit from an innovative pneumatic transport system integrated into the drug circuit which, in conjunction with the PharmaTrac® solution that allows the validation of drug administration at the patient’s bedside, makes it possible to trace the drug since the pharmaceutical services to the moment it is administered to the patient.

This project is currently in the installation phase with the pneumatic tubes being put into place.

Soon all systems will be in synergy and fully functioning at CHUCB.

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