MAPP® at Hospital de Braga

25 September, 2023

As part of the “HB.SAFE – Promoting Integration, Interoperability and Clinical Safety” project implemented since 2020 and supported by the Public Administration Modernisation and Capacity Building Support System (SAMA 2020), Braga Hospital has developed a series of modernisation and digital transformation initiatives, with the aim of reinforcing the standardisation of the institution’s information systems, with a view to continuous improvement for users and professionals.

The installation of BIQ HS’s MAPP® solution, which includes the medication, blood and breast milk collection circuits, considerably reduces clinical error and guarantees greater user safety throughout the different stages of the processes.

As João Porfírio, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Braga Hospital, argues, “This digital modernisation project has enabled significant advances in the efficiency and quality of the organisation’s care provision, combined with greater security in access to information systems.”

BIQ HS remains committed to improving the care processes of SNS institutions and promoting greater security for their patients.

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