Ekanban® at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo

08 April, 2024

BIQ Health Solutions implemented successfully the EKanban® Decommissioning Module at the Beatriz Ângelo Hospital, part of the Loures-Odivelas Local Health Unit.

The interface with MVO Portugal – Associação Portuguesa de Verificação de Medicamentos (Portuguese Medicines Verification Association) ensures integration into the medicines verification system and compliance with the European standard.

The installation of this module will make the decommissioning process more agile by using BIQ handheld mobile devices to scan and decode the barcodes provided by the various suppliers.

BIQ Health Solutions would like to thank all Beatriz Ângelo Hospital teams involved for their dedication throughout the project and remains dedicated to the digital transformation of hospital processes, assisting in the technological advancement of Portugal’s National Healthcare System institutions.

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