• MDTrac® is a software solution designed to register and control the consigned material hospital circuit, based on barcode scanning technology. This solution guarantees the traceability of the consigned items ordered and managed by the hospital, from the initial request to the consumption or return of the material.
  • The solution increases the traceability, security and efficiency of the hospital consigned material circuit, optimizing the management and quality of implemented processes.
1. ORDER arrow-down

  • Creation of the consigned material order
  • Orders can be made for:
  1. First stock entries or stock reinforcement for resident consigned material
  2. Patient-specific non-resident consigned material

2. RECEPTION arrow-down

  • Reception of the requested material, using the barcode scanning technology to read the supplier’s barcode and register the following information:
  • Item code
  • National Medical Device code
  • Supplier reference
  • Batch
  • Expiration date
  • Reception user
  • Date and time of the reception process
  • The system interprets barcodes that follow the GS1 standard and allows custom masks to be registered. If necessary, masks can be created during the reception process.

3. TRANSFER arrow-down

    • Transfer to the destination ward.
    • Medical devices can be transferred immediately to the requesting ward after completing the reception process or later to both the requesting ward or another ward to which the material is associated, making them available for consumption.

4. CONSUMPTION arrow-down

Consumption of the consigned material associated with a specific patient by scanning the supplier’s barcode and recording the following information:

  • Patient process
  • Patient episode
  • Doctor
  • Item code
  • National Medical Device code
  • Supplier reference
  • Batch
  • Expiration date
  • Consumption user
  • Date and time of the consumption process

5. REPORTS arrow-down

Provision of a wide range of reports related to the hospital consignment circuit activity:

  • Consigned material receptions
  • Consigned material returns
  • Consigned material consumptions per patient (between dates)
  • Consigned material consumptions per procedure (between dates)
  • Consigned material movements



  • Complete and real-time traceability of the consigned material circuit
  • Standardized and accessible information
  • Dematerialization of the process and reduction in the use of paper
  • Control of material orders
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • Consumption records
  • Reports availability
  • Alerts on the expiry date of consigned material