MAPP® in Hospital da Prelada, Porto

Prelada Hospital, which belongs to Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, has embraced the MAPP® solution, as a part of its project of process improvement

The solution aims to improve two areas which are very important in a modern hospital: the Logistics and the healthcare managed by the nurses at patient bedside.

In order to improve efficiency, the following tools were identified: Ekanban® for logistics and Pharmatrac® and Caretrac® for nursing activities.

Ekanban® sustains the supply services and the pharmacy in the following activities: Reception, Picking and Inventory, while in the remaining services it helps on the consumption activity.

Pharmatrac® and Caretrac® contribute to the humanization of healthcare: Pharmatrac® by managing the administration of medicines and Caretrac® by managing the medical care, allowing for the registration of activities at the patient bedside.

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