EKanban® at the Hospital da Cruz Vermelha

23 November, 2022

BIQ HS start implementing the EKanban® and PharmaTRAC® solutions at the Hospital da Cruz Vermelha em Lisboa (HCVP).

To meet the needs of reorganization and logistics operations of hospital stock, EKanban® will allow real-time visibility of hospital stock in any storage area and the respective logistics operations. Using Android mobile terminals, the HCVP will be able to easily receive, transfer, supply and use any product, by simply reading the products’ bar codes.

By adopting the PharmaTRAC® system, which complements the logistic process, it will be possible to perform the closed loop between medication and patients, with full traceability and safety, by reading the barcodes of the patients’ bracelets and the medication to be administered.

Together, these solutions enable a total dematerialization of the medication circuit and allow the nursing staff to focus all their attention on what is most important: the care provided to patients.

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